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APR 19

Lovely Jazz is in pup to Ivan, expecting amazing puppies from this pairing. Pups due in May19




NOV 18

Our beautiful foundation bitch Misty has now been retired after giving us 5 beautiful litters. Misty has been de sexed and will now live out her life doing just whatever she pleases :-)


OCT 18

We are pleased to announce that Stella is in pup to the wonderfful Ivan. Puppies expected late December18.




Misty and Gerry have delivered 5 beautiful pups born 28/04/18. We have 4 girls and 1 boy. Mim and bubs doing well. This is Misty's last litter.



Gerry                              Misty



Jazz is confirmed in whelp the Casey Stonner :-) Puppies due mid May 2017.




Misty has visited the lovely Gerry for her last litter, puppies due late September 16.



MAY 2016

Stella has delivered 6 beautiful puppies 4 boys 2 girls. Everyone doing well.



Stella has had a date with Gerry. We are hoping for puppies in 9 weeks time :-)



NOV 2015

Jazz has delivered 6 beautiful healthy puppies, 3 male and 3 female. Mum and bubs doing great.



SEP 2015

Jazz has had a date with Angus (Jaknell Cos Im TNT) BSCL1. We are hoping for puppies in 9 weeks time :-)


 ANGUS                                                     JAZZ   


AUG 2015

Lovelite Stella Effort gains her AZ stamps (3 2 0 0). Very good results.


OCT 2014

Lovelite All That Jazz has delivered 4 beautiful puppies to Ury Zisawinkel. Mum and bubs doing great. We will be keeping a female from this litter.


JUL 2014

Lovelite All That Jazz gains her AZ stamps with excellent grading  (2 1 0 0).


JUNE 2014

Misty has delivered 9 healthy strong puppies on the 26th June 2014. Mum and bubs doing well.



MAY 2014

We are delighted to announce the paring of LAWINE MYSTIC CHARM and JAKNELL COZ IM TNT. We are expecting lovely puppies from these two stunners.


                           ANGUS                                                          MISTY



DEC 3rd 2013

Our beautiful Deena left us today after a short illness, taken far to young, always in our hearts and never forgotten. R.I.P Deenie Doodle  xxx



MAY 31th 2013

Lawine Mystic Charm has delivered 6 beautiful puppies. 4 females and 2 males. Mum and bubbas doing well. We are very proud of our Misty.



APRIL 1st 2013

LAWINE MYSTIC CHARM  has been mated to the beautiful TOBY VON DER PLASSENBURG. Puppies due end of May 2013.



MARCH 30 2013 h

LAWINE PASADEENA has delivered 2 puppies. 1 x long coat female and 1 x short coat male. Great job Deena.





LAWINE PASADEENA has been mated to the magnificent "GERRY VOM SCHACHER" - Imp Germany. All going well puppies due 1st April 2013, we are expecting BLACK MASK puppies - ALL GERMAN LINES!!!




LAWINE PASSADENA attains her breed survey classification BSCL2 (Breed Survey Class 2)




LAWINE MYSTIC CHARM "Misty" has delivered 3 beautiful puppies,2 girls 1 boy. Mum and bubs doing well.



LAWINE MYSTIC CHARM  "Misty" attains her "BSCL1" (Breed Survey Class 1)

 Misty 16 months



LAWINE PASSADENA "Deena" attains her "AZ" stamps A (3-6) Z (0-0)



Deena 9 months



LAWINE MYSTIC CHARM "Misty" attains her "AZ" stamps A (2-2) Z (0-0)



APRIL 2011

LAWINE MYSTIC CHARM "Misty" 14th minor puppy bitch from class of 41 at 2011 National.



Misty 12 months.